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Dungeon Defenders is an original mix of two hot genres: Tower Defense and Online Action RPG! The game places the players in the roles of four different heroic characters, entrusted with the task of warding hordes of advancing beasts by strategically summoning a variety of defenses and traps throughout the castle.
Players can, however, participate directly in the action-laden battles, improving their values, collecting tons of booty and inventories, adjusting and improving their equipment, and developing unique class skills. All of this can be enjoyed in a seamless online and split-screen multiplayer mode, while the players play through the story campaign and challenging missions, building the strongest heroes and the best highscore in the kingdom.
Dungeon Defenders is an outstanding, addictive, yet easy-to-play experience for casual and hardcore players who combine the depths of a strategy game with the thrilling action of a rolling game in a beautiful fantasy fantasy setting.

  • Collect money and items that your defeated enemies have dropped, trade the prey, or put them back into the booty box for later! By killing enemies and surviving attack waves, you gain experience to upgrade your character, equipment, and values ​​of your towers - life, attack, damage, or even anything else. They make the decisions. Deposit your money in the "Manabank" and use it later in the trade with other players or to improve your equipment. Show them proudly their best equipment in their own "adventure tavern" without fear of theft!

Ruthless adversaries and tremendous boss bosses

  • About 100 enemies will simultaneously try to break your defense lines, and boss monsters will appear at key points to release the mess. Only through the most effective defense strategies, co-operation and strong characters will you be able to defeat these diabolical opponents! The range of adversaries offers all sorts of orcs, from big silly giant ax-wielding orcs, from the shadows with bow-torn, torn dark elves to crazy goblins, armed with explosive packets. Unique boss monsters, including a colossal primordial dragon and a sullen goblinmech, will break dramatic fights from the fence.

Variety of levels and game modes

  • Each level has a different visual design, different layout, different types of opponents, traps and surprises. Four levels of difficulty (from novice to master) match the amount of experience points and prey. Fairytale-like film sequences tell the story in the campaign mode and the end depends entirely on the characters used. The survival mode throws the opponents towards opponents to the final case. Whoever is the longest player will get the highest score. In challenging mode, players can play each level with freely matched rules and goals.

A mountain of statistics

  • Each of your shots, each of your defeated enemies, each of your defenses, and any other action or event in the game is recorded and recorded for eternity. Brought over the detailed tables and graphs at the end of each game, analyze the performance of your team, survey the best stats for each level, and compare your data online with other players to determine the best. In addition, your successes are visible at any time and for everyone in your very own adventure tavern and the best highscores of your heroes are recorded in global lists!

A helpful friend ...

  • Discover cute "confidants", these animals accompany you through your adventure and bring about characteristic status and game effects. They can also be upgraded, customized, and even traded with other players ... If you bring it about your heart, separate from your little friend!

playing style

  • More expressive, like drawing colors, painted with watercolors, and a game-hug, which does not take itself seriously seriously, while loving classic fantasy clichés.

The following DLC's are included in the crack:

  • Dungeon Defenders Elite Gear Pack
  • Dungeon Defender's Advanced Technology Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders Amazon Bonus Nagi DLC
  • Dungeon Defenders Impulse Bonus Archimedes DLC
  • Dungeon Defenders GamersGate Argo DLC
  • Dungeon Defenders Direct2Drive Mephisto DLC
  • Dungeon Defenders Halloween Costume Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders Halloween Mission Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders Capture the Flag Pre-Alpha Pass
  • Dungeon Defenders Penny Arcade Costume Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders The Great Turkey Hunt! Mission & Costumes
  • Dungeon Defenders New Heroes Pack 1
  • Dungeon Defender's Warping Core Challenge Mission Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders Etherian Holiday Extravaganza
  • Dungeon Defenders Quest for the Lost Eternia Shard's Part 1
  • Dungeon Defenders Quest for the Lost Eternia Shard's Part 2
  • Dungeon Defenders Quest for the Lost Eternia Shard's Part 3
  • Dungeon Defenders Quest for the Lost Eternia Shard's Part 4
  • Dungeon Defenders Assault Mission Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders Barbarian Hero DLC
  • Dungeon Defenders Etherian Festival of Love
  • Dungeon Defender's President's Day Surprise
  • Dungeon Defenders Lucky Community Costume Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders Series EV Hero DLC
  • Dungeon Defenders Karathiki Jungle Mission Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders City in the Cliffs Mission Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders Summoner Hero DLC
  • Dungeon Defenders Talay Complex Mission Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders Jester Hero DLC
  • Dungeon Defenders Anniversary Pack
  • Dungeon Defenders Tinkerer's Lab Mission Pack.

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⚙️ System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 GHz dual-core CPU
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Hard disk: 2 GB
  • Graphic card: Graphics card with Shadermodel 3 support, 256 MB
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Sound: DirectSound compatible sound card

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