Tutorial – Crack installieren

How to install a crack from cracked-games.org

Here we show you how to easily install a crack from our site. With video tutorials! Very easy & safe. Step by step.

1. First, you have to choose a game that you want to download 🙂

2. Choose one of the download options (in most cases it is “mega.nz”, “megaup.net” & a torrent option)

3. After you have downloaded the file you have to unpack the archive. For this you need a file archiver.

4. After that you have to open the .ISO files. For older operating systems, you need an extra program for this.

5. Then you can start the setup and install the game. (You can set your desired settings)

6. After the installation you have to open the installation folder of the game and insert ALL files in the folder “Crack” into the installation folder. (The “Crack” folder may also have a different name for some games, such as “CODEX”, “PLAZA” or “CPY”, which always depends on which cracking team has cracked the game).

7. Then you can start the game 🙂

Where can I get the cryptocodes?

In this video, we'll show you where to find our cryptocodes
  1. If you want to download a game that requires a cryptocode, go to the following page: Kryptocodes

  2. Press CTR + F and search for the game

  3. Then you copy the code and paste this in mega.nz.