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Game Overview

In this adventure that you started as a craftsman, you will gradually improve yourself and gain the trust of the kingdom you belong to. As you fulfill the Kingdom’s quests it will become stronger and you will eventually have an independent village. Now there will be a people who need your help. Who knows, maybe if you pay enough attention to your village, it will turn into a kingdom.

All you have to do is use the materials you have in the most efficient way and develop yourself and your village. The development of the village will make it easier for you to find materials and make you comfortable.

Crafting :

* 4 basic materials you can process.
* 15 different items that you can craft.
* 7 different stages for Weapons and Armor.
* A skill tree to unlock kingdom material area.
* Quests you can do for both your kingdom and your village.

Village :

*A village where you can get 4 different materials.
*A townhall where you can upgrade your village.
*Common areas where you can help your villagers.

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System Requirements