The Backrooms 1998 – Found Footage Survival Horror Game

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The Backrooms 1998 Found Footage Survival Horror Game Free

Game Overview

TRIGGER WARNING: This game may be disturbing to some audience as this game contains real disturbing footage, sounds, fear nature, jump scares, gore, extreme violence, murders and intense horror that may not be for the faint of heart. Play this game at your own risk.

The Backrooms: 1998 is a is a first-person found footage psychological survival horror game where it tells the story of a young teen after accidentally falling into the depths of The Backrooms in 1998. Roam freely, mark, explore and try unravel the story – however you are not alone. Don’t scream or it will hear you. Mind your footsteps, if you step on glass it will hear you. If you knock over objects, it might hear you. Everything comes at a consequences.

Search for supplies, tools and items to help in your escape. Such tools as a spray gun which can help you to mark your path so you don’t get lost in The Backrooms. Things you may see in the shadows, are sometimes not shadows. Something or someone may be lurking in there with you. Use your stamina only when needed, and tread carefully. Hiding in crawl spaces, under tables or inside lockers if you see something unusual can be a good idea.

Please note: The Backrooms: 1998 is a survival horror game being worked on by one developer, the premise of the game is an “escape room” type of game – where you have to collect clues, find supplies to help you in The Backrooms and try to escape them. It is currently in Early Access and I will try my best to update the game frequently to give you the best enjoyable experience. Please do submit your feedbacks and suggestions as it really helps out with the development!

Try to escape by completing objectives, finding clues and unfold the mystery surrounding how you got stuck in The Backrooms. This is an ‘escape room’ type game – you have to find your own way out by searching for clues and tools to help live longer. Mark your paths, hide in furniture and try not to make a sound – every corner can be your last. Making too much noise can attract unwanted attention.

The game takes place in 1998, it tells the story of a young teen after accidentally falling into the depths of The Backrooms. Each room can look the same, and they can also play tricks on you. That is why it’s vital to search for supplies to help you mark your paths, find medicine to stay sane and try to escape if you dare. Just remember, that you are never alone in the backrooms. In order to survive, you must stock your inventory with items and collect supplies you may find in different rooms that can be essentials to your survival. In addition to finding items such as a spray gun to mark your path, medicine to stay sane, syringes to heal yourself, crowbars to open barricaded doors and such you also have to manage your inventory carefully and also manage your flashlight’s batteries. Ending up in the darkness in the backrooms is not a good idea.


  • Microphone Input: The enemy can hear your breathing, voice and screams through your microphone. Don’t scream.
  • An immersive found-footage experience with a thrilling story and a claustrophobic environment set in The Backrooms in 1998.
  • Survival elements with full inventory system, objectives, clue-findings and tools to help you survive longer, or escape.
  • Find, uncover and unravel the terrifying backstory of The Backrooms with ever-changing rooms, hallways, areas that all seem too familiar.
  • Flashlight, Tools & Supplies: Find tools and supplies to guide you in The Backrooms such as flashlight that also requires batteries, spray gun to help you mark your paths so you know you been there before, and others.
  • Stamina System: You won’t be able to outrun it. It will catch you as it never gets tired.
  • Mark-Your-Paths: Tools that can be used for path-marking such as a spray gun to help you to mark your path so you don’t get lost.
  • “Escape-Room” Objectives: Roam freely, mark locations and find clues, complete objectives and try to escape The Backrooms, if you can.
  • Inventory Management: Find supplies and tools to help you survive longer in The Backrooms. Such tools will be vital for your survival.
  • Doors, crawl spaces and more: Roam around hallways, passages, crawl spaces and rooms. Be sure to close the doors behind you, or it can notice.
  • Hiding System: Hide from the enemies in lockers, crawl spaces and under tables to get past your enemies or hide from them.
  • Changing Environment: The environment may change with your sanity in The Backrooms. That’s why it’s vital to mark your path.
  • Gut Wrecking Moments: Walking on broken glass can make noises that the enemy may hear, same as moving crates or knocking over objects. all these things can give away your position. Try to evade them or use them as your advantages.
  • Hardcore-Gameplay: This will be an objective-finding type game, where you have to complete a set of objectives in the backrooms and find clues. You are only allowed to save limited number of times only when you are in the ‘safe room’.
  • Enemy That Listens: The enemies can hear your footsteps, your breathing through the microphone and your fear.
  • Plan Accordingly: Plan your next move as it may be your last. Peak around corners, watch your foosteps, move slowly on glass and use stealth.
  • Limited Saving System: You can only save limited number of times in a ‘safe room’ – If you lose after the limit, you are forever stuck in The Backrooms.

Real found footage telling the story of the terrifying events that occurred in 1998.

Use tools such as your spray-gun to mark your paths so you don’t get lost.

Sometimes the things you see in the shadows, are not just shadows.

Find flashlights, tools and supplies to help you survive a bit longer or escape.

Inventory system, combine items and inventory management that you need to manage.

Use the environment as your advantages – Such as closing doors behind you to slow enemies down and give you a chance to think your next move or to hide.

Interact with items and objects which can be helpful and provide you tips.

Gut-wrecking moments with an enemy that can hear your footsteps and your voice.

Creepy environment with narrow and claustrophobic hallways, corridors and rooms.

Discover crawl spaces to hide from your enemy and take shortcuts to the unknown.

– with many threats lurking around each corner you turn.

Mark your paths so you don’t get lost, and see which path can be safe or unsafe.

An environment that changes along with your sanity.

Discover, mark, find clues to try and escape the madness of The Backrooms.

Hide in lockers, under tables and in furniture to stay hidden from the enemy.

Find necessary items to unlock new short-cuts for several other rooms.

Explore or not, the choice is all yours – each path you take is yours to choose.

If the enemy is near, be sure to hold your breath – as it can hear you from your mic.

Findable craftables that you can combine together to make more powerful items.

Saving system where you can only save only for limited number of times near a VHS.

Will you trust your sanity? Some things can be real, while others are not.

The question is .. do you have what it takes to enter The Backrooms of 1998?

How To Survive:

1. Crouch and stay low, so enemies won’t hear you.
2. Hide under tables, furniture, lockers or crawl spaces and stay safe.
3. Don’t run or you will make noise. Run only when necessary.
4. Be careful when walking on glass and rubbish – since it makes noise.
5. You can cause a distraction by throwing objects around.
6. Mind your stamina, if you get tired then you cannot outrun it.
7. Search every corner for medicine, just in case you get injured.
8. Use your spray-gun and mark location that you already been too, so you don’t get lost.
9. If you hear running foosteps, that’s not good news – as it may have heard you. Run or hide!

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System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2500K or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB or AMD equivalent
  • Storage: 4 GB available space